Wine and dating

Wine production in the region, which stretches from the left bank of the Garonne to the forest of Les Landes, dates back to the 1st century.The name comes from the region’s gravelly, pebbly soil which is perfect for grape growing. In the 1855 classification of Bordeaux, the Medoc was the source of all but one red wine - but Sauternes was the source of all the golden whites.Wine “varietals” simply means wine made from a specific winegrape.Varietal wines in the United States are often named after the dominant grapes used in making the wine.The remains of their 11c Abbey La Sauve Majeure have been declared a protected site by UNESCO.

Wines are not required to carry varietal designations and cannot legally do so if the wine is a blend where no varietal is dominant (more than 75%). Other more generic names are used to identify wine without any information on the type of grape used or where it was grown.In Thracian times our geographical region was famous as a place where vines were planted and wine produced.The widespread cult of Dionysus found an expression in the depiction of vines, grapes, wine-cellars and ceremonies.Many foreign travelers who visited Bulgaria between the 11th and 19th centuries highly praised the country's wines.Nowadays Bulgaria is one of the world largest wine producers together with France, Italy, Spain and Greece.

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