Vatsim intimidating

Did you find people were friendly and accommodating to you as a new pilot?

When I was using FS offline and through my work experience, I had a basic background of flying and the taxiway layouts so that wasn't so much of an issue - I didn't make mistakes which would affect other users so I was always able to keep myself to myself.

The Pilot Proficiency Demonstration follows a progression Mindstar calls “learn, do, fly”: Learn in a webinar or classroom environment, practice in a simulator, and then fly for real, Poulos said.

“If we don’t do all three of those in a progression, … To that end, Airspace VR allows students to practice communications procedures for the security-sensitive airspace around the nation’s capital before keying the microphone of a real airplane.

Pro Flight founder Caleb Taylor believes that there are better ways to train pilots and he isn’t afraid to try new techniques to help new and existing Citation Jet pilots learn how to fly safely. The problem with training in the airplane, of course, is that it is difficult to simulate failures.

We go into every aspect of flying this airplane.” Pro Flight is based in Carlsbad, Calif., near the city’s airport, and was founded in 1988 to provide flight training in Cessna Conquest turboprops.

About five years ago, an inquiry from Cessna and requests from Conquest pilots upgrading to jets prompted Pro Flight to add type rating and currency programs for the Citation Jet (models 1 through 3).

“We wanted to put an effective program together for Cessna,” Taylor said.

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The transponder and pitot-static checks for his G1000-equipped Cessna 172 will expire at midnight, and so he’s flying the aircraft to New Market where the owner of his radio shop has promised to do the tests right away—but only if Winburn can meet him promptly at 1600Z.

“People were being dumped into these training sessions with basically zero training on the technology.

They were learning by trial by fire.” One pilot, who already had nine type ratings, called Taylor while half way through training at another organization and said, “I don’t think I’m going to make it.

Bob Feaver provides the following information on how to fly online at You will need to register for an account. The reply will assign you a login number and a password.

It takes about a day for the account to become active.

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