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Real footage with various persons, caught on hidden cam when fucking.) taps patriarchal Albanian tradition to ask whether renouncing sex can ever be the path to personal freedom. Award-winning short filmmaker Laura Bispuri has made an impressive leap into Berlin competition with this well-made feature bow, where critical response should be encouraging and help this small, special film find its niche.In these remote communities, men are the dominant sex and women are expected to bow their heads and place themselves second in every situation.The only way for a girl to obtain a man’s freedom is to permanently renounce her femininity and to swear never to have sex, in a creepy ceremony in front of the stone-faced men of the village.The presence of Alba Rohrwacher, who has risen to become one of Italy’s top international actresses, is a major asset in the role of a silent, cross-dressing Albanian girl.The curious premise is based on a tradition of the Albanian mountain people, one few viewers will have heard of.The two are inseparable until Lila elopes with her beau to Italy to avoid a husband of her father’s choosing. She has made up her mind to shoot a rifle and go where she pleases, even at the cost of cutting her hair, binding her breasts and donning unattractive menswear.She becomes “Mark” and assumes the eunuch-like life of an older member of the village, “Pal,” who was also “once a woman.” But virginity is not forever.

He has served as President of the Biochemistry Chairman's Organization, President of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and President of the Society for Glycobiology. degree from the University of Illinois and an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree, from Iowa State University.

Upper level college students and professors in biochemistry, biophysics, cell biology, molecular biology, neuroscience, pharmacology and oncology, as well as, researchers in academic, corporate and government laboratories WILLIAM J. Subsequently he carried out postdoctoral work at Harvard with Konrad Bloch on fatty acid biosynthesis.

In 1962 he was appointed Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins in the Department of Physiological Chemistry. In 1989 he became a Leading Professor and Chair of the Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at SUNY at Stony Brook.

Structured as a series of flashbacks, the story jumps from subsistence-level living in the snowy highlands of Albania to the greater freedom of a modern Italian city.

Hana (played as a teenager by Drenica Selimaj) has been adopted into a family that has no sons, only the daughter Lila (Dajana Selimaj).

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