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A complete upgrade replaces the functionality that was available in the Central Configuration Manager (CCM) in Business Objects Enterprise XI3.x When you run the upgrade management tool universes (UNV) created in the Universe Designed are migrated to BI4.0 as UNV and they will continue to work as they are in BI4.0; there is no need to do any modifications.

If you decide to upgrade your UNV to UNX (universes created in the new BI4.0 Information Designer) after running the upgrade management tool you will have to open them in the Information Designer to upgrade them.

Please refer to the stack trace.(PRS 00029)" error.

Unable to import LCMBIAR file which was created by LCM_with error "Sorry, Promotion management application is unable to process your request.

areas AO33 RAVCLUST Net worth tax field selection AO42 RAVCLUST Insurance field selection AO51 RAVCLUST Leasing field selection AO67 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type AO68 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type AO73 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type AO74 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type AO75 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type AO76 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type AO77 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type AO78 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type AO79 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type AO80 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type AO81 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type AO82 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type AO83 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type AO88 RAVCLUST Acct. AR14 RAMAFA_ALV01 Call Up Manual Depreciation List AR15 RAAEND01 Changes to Master Record AR16 RAAEND02 Changes to Asset Classes AR17 RALEAS01 Call Up Leasing Liability List AR18 RASIMU02 Call Up Depr. in actl: process CPK1 MP120900 Create Task Cost Data CPK2 MP120900 Change Task Cost Data CPK3 MP120900 Display Task Cost Data CPMA SAPLKNMA Target=Actual-IAA: process CPMB SAPLKNMA ABC: Plan Reconciliation CPMN MENUCPMN Activity-Based Costing Menu CPPA SAPMKAL1 Delete Plan Assessment for Processe CPPAN SAPLKAL1 Delete Plan Assessment for Processe CPPB SAPMKGA2 Execute Plan Assess. FMZPM3 SAPLFMRS Funds Cmmt: Display Value Adjustmen FMZPM4 SAPLFMRS Funds commit: Approve value adjust. - Update FM9B BPCOPY00 FM: Copy Budget Version FM9C RFFMCOPI Plan Data Transfer from CO FM9D SAPMKBUD FM: Block Budget Version FM9E SAPMKBUD FM: Unblock Budget Version FM9K SAPMKBUC FIFM: Change Budget Structure FM9L SAPMKBUC FM: Display Budget Structure FM9M BPCARRT0 FM: Delete Budget Structure FM9N BPCARR00 FM: Generate Budget Object FM9O BPCOPY02 Copy Supplement Budget FM9P BPDIST01 Reconstruct Budget Distrbtd Values FM9Q BPDIST02 FM: Total Up Budget FM9R BPCARRD0 Loc. Agreement FOG8 RFVIAKT0 Sign provisional agreements FOG9 RFVIAKT0 Activate Commercial Lease-Outs FOHA RFVIHKAR Import A-tape FOHB RFVIHKAB Post external acct sttlmnt result FOHD RFVIHKDR Import D-tape FOHL RFVIHKMW Write M/L-tape FOHS RFVIHKAB Simulate Settlement Result FOHX RFVIHKST Overview of Extern. Primary Cost Element FOKT RFVIMPLN RE: Change Planning Activ. Prog.) IMCRC2 RAIMCRC2 Currency Recalculation (App. Req.) IMCRC3 RAIMCCP3 Currency Recalculation (Projects) IMCRC4 RAIMCCP4 Currency Recalculation (Orders) IMCT RKCTRTX1 IM Summar: Translation of drilldown IMCTST RSIMCTST IMC Test Monitor IMCTX RSIMCTRX Intermode Communication IMCU MENUIMCU Config. forms IMC0 SAPMKCEE IM Summarization: Execute Report IMC1 SAPMKCEE IM Summarization: Create report IMC2 SAPMKCEE IM Summarization: Change report IMC3 SAPMKCEE IM Summarization: Display report IMC4 SAPMKES1 IM Summarization: Create form IMC5 SAPMKES1 IM Summarization: Change form IMC6 SAPMKES1 IM Summarization: Create form IMC8 RCNRCJES IM Summarization: Client copy repor IMC9 RCNRCJEW IM Summarization: Client copy form IMDB RKDBAT02 App.req: Execute report in backgrnd IMDC SAPMKCC0 App. Indicator KBH1 SAPLKKHI Create statistical key figure group KBH2 SAPLKKHI Change statistical key figure group KBH3 SAPLKKHI Display statistical key figure grou KBK6 RKTARPLN CO-CCA: Manual Actual Price KBK7 RKTARPLN CO-CCA: Display manual actl price KB11 SAPMK23B Enter Reposting of Primary Costs KB11N SAPLK23F1 Enter Manual Repostings of Costs KB13 SAPMK23B Display Reposting of Primary Costs KB13N SAPLK23F1 Display Manual Repostings of Costs KB14 SAPMK23B Reverse Reposting of Primary Costs KB14N SAPLK23F1 Reverse Manual Repostings of Costs KB15 SAPMK23B Enter Manual Allocations KB15N SAPLK23F1 Enter Manual Allocations KB16 SAPMK23B Display Manual Allocations KB16N SAPLK23F1 Display Manual Allocations KB17 SAPMK23B Reverse Manual Allocations KB17N SAPLK23F1 Reverse Manual Allocations KB21 SAPMK23B Enter Activity Allocation KB21N SAPLK23F1 Enter Direct Activity Allocation KB22 SAPMK23B IAA via Internet KB23 SAPMK23B Display Activity Allocation KB23N SAPLK23F1 Display Direct Activity Allocation KB24 SAPMK23B Reverse Activity Allocation KB24N SAPLK23F1 Reverse Direct Activity Allocation KB27 SAPMK23B IAA Enter Other Periods KB31 SAPMK23B Enter Statistical Key Figures KB31N SAPLK23F1 Enter Statistical Key Figures KB33 SAPMK23B Display Statistical Key Figures KB33N SAPLK23F1 Display Statistical Key Figures KB34 SAPMK23B Reverse Statistical Key Figures KB34N SAPLK23F1 Reverse Statistical Key Figures KB41 SAPMK23B Enter Reposting of Revenues KB41N SAPLK23F1 Enter Manual Repostings of Revenue KB43 SAPMK23B Display Reposting of Revenues KB43N SAPLK23F1 Display Manual Repostings of Revenu KB44 SAPMK23B Reverse Reposting of Revenues KB44N SAPLK23F1 Reverse Manual Repostings of Revenu KB51 SAPMK23B Enter Activity Posting KB51N SAPLK23F1 Enter Sender Activities KB53 SAPMK23B Display Activity Posting KB53N SAPLK23F1 Display Sender Activities KB54 SAPMK23B Reverse Activity Posting KB54N SAPLK23F1 Reverse Sender Activities KB61 SAPMK23D Enter Reposting of CO Line Items KB63 SAPMK23D Display Reposting of CO Line Items KB64 SAPMK23D Reverse Reposting of CO Line Items KB65 SAPMK23D Enter Indirect Acty Alloc. level of SAP-EIS KCDV SAPMKEDV Maintain summarization levels KCEA RKCDEDIA Set planner profile KCED RKCDEDEI Define Flexible Excel Upload KCEE RKC_FLEX_UPL Flexible Excel Upload to SAP-EIS KCE1 RKCSELEC Display transaction data KCE2 RKCDELET Delete transaction data KCE3 RKCREPSE SAP-EIS: Choose Collection Program KCE4 RKCDEDIA Change transaction data (EIS/BP) KCE5 RKCDEDIA Display transaction data (EIS/BP) KCE6 SAPLKXDE Individual record entry KCE7 SAPLKXDE EIS: Single record display KCE8 RKCDEDIA EC-BP: Change plan data KCE9 RKCDEDIA EC-BP: Display plan data KCFR SAPLKCD0 EDT: Maintain Transfer Rules KCF0 RKCFILE0 Import File KCF1 RKCFILE0 Import master data file KCF2 RKCFILE0 Import comments file KCF3 RKE_CALL_VC_TKEChange revaluation factors KCF4 RKE_CALL_VC_TKEDisplay revaluation factors KCH1 SAPLKKHI Create Profit Center Group KCH2 SAPLKKHI Change profit center hierarchy KCH3 SAPLKKHI Display profit center hierarchy KCH4 RCOPCA15 EC-PCA: Create Standard Hierarchy KCH5 RCOPCA15 EC-PCA: Change standard hierarchy KCH5N KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Change Standard Hierarchy KCH5NX KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Change Stand. EO Activ KCH6 RCOPCA15 EC-PCA: Display standard hierarchy KCH6N KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Display Standard Hierarchy KCH6NX KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Disp. planning KCPD SAPMKCPD Delete plan data with key fig. KCPL SAPMKCPL2 Automatic Planning: Change KCPL2 SAPMKCPL2 Automatic Planning: Change KCPT SAPMKCPL2 Automatic planning: top-down distr. KEG8N SAPLKAL1 Change Indirect Plan Acty Allocatio KEG9 SAPMKAL1 Display Indirect Plan Acty Alloc. KEH5 SAPMKES1 Change Form KEI1 RKE_CALL_PA_SSTMaintain PA Transfer Structure KEI2 RKE_CALL_PA_SSTMaintain PA Transfer Structure KEI3 RKE_CALL_PA_SSTMaintain PA Transfer Structure KEK0 SAPMKCIK Test Key Figure Transaction KELR RKEBW3RE Data Transfer from BW to CO-PA KELS RKEBW3RV Cancel Transfer KELU RKEBW3UE Overview: Data Transfer BW to CO-PA KELV RKEBW3VA Variant for Query Variable KEMDM SAPMKEC1N Profit Center Master Data Maint. menu KEMO SAPMKCB9 Profitability report: Test monitor KEND SAPMKEND Realignments KEN1 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range: COPA_IST KEN2 SAPMSNUM Maint. KKPM MENUKKPM Process costing menu KKPN RKKPPGR0 Material Assignment KKPT SAPMKKP2 Cost Obj Hier: Coll. Variance KKPU SAPMKKB2 User's List of Reports KKPV RKKPPV01 Delete Transaction Data KKPX SAPMKKPA Actual Cost Distribution: Cost Obj. KKPZ SAPLKAZB Actual Overhead: Cost Obj Individ KKP1 SAPMKKP0 Create Hierarchy Master Record KKP2 SAPMKKP0 Change Hierarchy Master Record KKP3 SAPMKKP0 Display Hierarchy Master Record KKP4 SAPLKKP2 Display Cost Object Hierarchy KKP5 SAPMKKP2 Cost Obj Hier: Indiv. Variance KKP6 SAPMKKP4 Cost Object: Analysis KKRA SAPMKKRD Order Summarization KKRC SAPMKKRD Summarization: CO Object KKRO SAPMKKRD Data Collection: Product Drilldown KKRP SAPMKKRD Project Summarization KKRS SAPMKKRD Summarization: Repetitive Mfg (COC) KKRV RKKRPRRE Data Collection Product Drilldown KKRZ SAPMKKRD Summarization: Process Mfg (COC) KKR0 RKKRKKR0 CO Summarization: Hierarchy Mainten KKR1 RKKRKKR1 CO Summarization: Summ. Characteris KKSB SAPMKKB2 Start Selected Reports KKSD RKKBSEL1 Order List for Order-Related Prod. Line Item KOCF RKAGJOBL Carry Forward Order Commitments KOCM RKOCLMIG Conversion Classification: AUFK KOCO RBPGJA02 Budget Carryforward for Orders KOC2 SAPMKKB2 Run Selected Reports KOC4 RKKBALV1 Cost Analysis KOH1 SAPLKKHI Create Order Group KOH2 SAPLKKHI Change Order Group KOH3 SAPLKKHI Display Order Group KOK2 SAPMKAUF Collective Proc. Order Data to Plan KO2A SAPMKBUB Change budget document KO2B SAPMKBUB Display budget document KO22 SAPMKBUD Change Order Budget KO23 SAPMKBUD Display Order Budget KO24 SAPMKBUD Change Order Supplement KO25 SAPMKBUD Display Order Supplement KO26 SAPMKBUD Change Order Return KO27 SAPMKBUD Display Order Return KO30 BPINDX02 Activate Orders Availability Contro KO31 RBPFCON1 Reconstruct Order Availability Cntr KO32 RBPFCOD1 Deactivate Order Availability Cntrl KO8A SAPLKO71 Act.-setlmt: Order retmt. Ranges for Settlement Document KO88 SAPLKO71 Actual Settlement: Order KO9E SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: Internal Order KO9G SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: Internal Orders KPAS SAPLKWTP Actl. Plan: CCtr/ATyp KPRI SAPMV12A Define Price Tables KPRN RKPLNR10 Copy Resource Planning KPRO MENUKPRO KPRO Administration KPRW COKP0003 Evaluate resources used KPRZ COKP0004 Depend. LS51 SAPMV13H Create Batch Search Strategy - WM LS52 SAPMV13H Change Batch Search Strategie - WM LS53 SAPMV13H Display Batch Search Strategy - WM LTRA RTRMALERT TRM Alert Monitor LTRCC RTRM_CONSISTENCTRM Customization Consistency Check LTRL RTRMMONITOR_LOGTRM Log Reports LTRMS RTRMMONITOR TRM Monitor LT0A SAPML03T Pre-plan storage units LT0B RLLT0B00 Putaway Pre-Picked Handling Units LT0C RLLT0C00 Removal of Pre-Picked HUs from Stoc LT0D RLLT0D00 Transfer of Existing Handling Units LT0E SAPML03T Create Removal TO for 2-Step Pickin LT0F SAPML03T Create TO for Inbound Delivery LT0G RLLT0G00 Return delivery to stock LT0H RLLT0E00 Putaway/Stock Transfer of HUs LT0I RLLT0F00 Removal of Handling Units from Stoc LT0J SAPML03T Put Away Handling Unit LT0R RLLT0R00 Request replenishment manually LT0S SAPML03T Create TO for multiple deliveries LT01 SAPML03T Create Transfer Order LT02 SAPML03T Create TO for Inventory Difference LT03 SAPML03T Create TO for Delivery LT04 SAPML03T Create TO from TR LT05 SAPML03T Process Posting Change Notice LT06 SAPML02B Create TO for Material Document LT07 SAPML03T Create TO for mixed storage unit LT08 SAPML03T Manual Addition to Storage Unit LT09 SAPML03T ID point function for storage units LT1A SAPML03T Change Transfer Order LT1B SAPML03T Confirm TO-Item Pick LT1C SAPML03T Confirm TO-Item Transport LT1D SAPML03T Confirm Transfer Order Pick LT1E SAPML03T Confirm Transfer Order Transport LT1F SAPML03T Confirm TO for SU Pick LT1G SAPML03T Confirm TO for SU Transport LT10 RLS10034 Create Transfer Order from List LT11 SAPML03T Confirm Transfer Order Item LT12 SAPML03T Confirm transfer order LT13 SAPML03T Confirm TO for storage unit LT14 SAPML03T Confirm preplanned TO item LT15 SAPML03T Cancelling transfer order LT16 SAPML03T Cancelling TO for storage unit LT17 SAPML03T Single Entry of Actual Data LT21 SAPML03T Display Transfer Order LT22 RLLT2200 Display Transfer Order / Stor.

Insurance Data ANVEST RAVCLUST Maintain Investment Support Measure AOBK RACSTABL Depreciation areas/Reduction rules AOLA RAVC0ALA Master Data Tab AO21 RAVCLUST Screen layout for deprec. Plan CPFX SAPLKSF2 Pre-distribute Fixed Costs: Process CPH1 SAPLKKHI Create Business Process Group CPH2 SAPLKKHI Change Business Process Group CPH3 SAPLKKHI Display Business Process Group CPH4 RKSTDHIE Change Standard Hierarchy (Bus Proc) CPH4N KEO_START_NF Change Standard Hierarchy CPH5 RKSTDHIE Display bus. hierarchy CPH5N KEO_START_NF Display Std Hierarchy/Business Proc CPII SAPLKSPI Price calc. FMZPM2 SAPLFMRS Funds commit.: Change value adjust. values IMB2 RAICENR1 IM Summariz: Replicate entities IMB3 RAICDAS2 IM Summariz: Current values in file IMB4 RAICENS2 IM Summariz: Entities in file IMB5 RAICDAR2 IM Summariz: Values from file IMB6 RAICENR2 IM Summariz: Entities from file IMB7 RAICDAC1 IM Summarization: Copy values IMB8 RAICDAS3 IM Summariz: Summarized val. Programs IMCB RKDBAT02 IM Summarization: Background report IMCC SAPMKCC0 IM Summarization: Curr. typ IMCCP1 RAIMCCP1 Copy Plan - Plan Vers(Inv Prog IMCG RAIMGENCHAR Summariz. Prog.) IMCOC3 RAIMCCP3 Consistency Check (Projects) IMCOC4 RAIMCCP4 Consistency Check (Orders) IMCP RKCOBTR4 IM Summarization: Transport forms IMCRC1 RAIMCCP1 Currency Reacalculation (Inv. price KBEA KFPR_ARCH_SET_DTrsfr Price Docs: Set Del. Repostin KB67 SAPMK23D Reverse IAA Reposting KB71 SAPMK23B JV-Transfer Postings KCAN SAPLKCD0 Derivation KCA0 SAPMKCIA SAP-EIS: Edit aspect KCA1 RKCREOAS Reorganize aspect tables KCA2 SAPMKCGF Edit field groups KCA5 RKCMKCGD Edit characteristics KCA6 RKCMKCGD Edit basic key figures KCBA SAPMKCEE Report class overview KCBB RKCUSRGR Set user group KCBH SAPMKCBH Report portfolio data transfer KCBW RKCDSDDG EC-EIS/BP: Generate Data Source KCB0 SAPMKCEE Execute report KCB1 SAPMKCEE Create report KCB2 SAPMKCEE Change report KCB3 SAPMKCEE Display report KCB4 SAPMKCEE Create report class KCB5 SAPMKCEE Change report class KCB6 SAPMKCEE Display report class KCB7 SAPMKCEE Create user group KCB8 SAPMKCEE Change user group KCB9 SAPMKCEE Display user group KCCO SAPMKCCO EC-EIS/BP: Manage comment tables KCC0 SAPMKCC0 Maintain currency translation key KCC1 SAPMKCC0 Currency translation sender program KCC2 SAPMKCC0 Cross-table translation key KCDI RKDREPDV Divide report KCDR RKCDOREO Reorganization document flag T242B KCDU RKCTRERU Structure of summ. EO Active KCJ0 RKCHINOD EIS/BP: Hierarchy node maintenance KCJ1 SAPMKXHI EC-EIS/EC-BP: Hierarchy maintenance KCJ2 RKCDMREF EC-EIS: Copy reference hierarchies KCJ3 SAPMKXHI Hierarchy Maintenance KCKB SAPMKCIK Formulas for basic key figures KCK0 SAPMKCIK Key figures KCK1 RKCDLKR0 Display key figure KCLA KCFDUADS EDT: Automatic File Split KCLF RKCFILEF External Data Transfer KCLFS KCDSTRUCF Sender Structures KCLI EDT_ALE_MAIN ALE Interface for EDT KCLJ RKCFILE7 EDT: Execute Transfer KCLL KCDSTRUC EDT: Generate Sender Structure KCLP KCDLPROT Logs KCLR KCFDURFC RFC Call KCLT KCDLEDITOR EDT: Create Test Data KCLU KCFDUTYP EDT: Maintain Transfer Types KCLV KCFDUREORG EDT: Delete Obsolete Programs KCO1 RKCCOLST Comments on transaction data KCPA SAPMKCPL2 Automatic Planning: Copy KCPA2 SAPMKCPL2 Copy KCPB SAPMSJOB Batch jobs aut. KEG7N SAPLKAL1 Create Indirect Plan Acty Allocatio KEG8 SAPMKAL1 Change Indirect Plan Acty Alloc. w/o Qty Structure KKPE SAPMKKB2 Report Selection for Process Mfg KKPG RKKPHIE2 Graph. KKPH RKKPKTR0 Collective Entry KKPHIE SAPMKKP0 Cost Object Hierarchy KKPJ SAPLKAZB Actual OHead: Cost Obj Collec Proc. KK65 SAPMKES1 COC Create Planng Layt Cost/Act Inpu KK66 SAPMKES1 COC Change Plnng Layt Cost/Actv Inpu KK67 SAPMKES1 COC Display Plnng Layt Cost/Actv Inp KK87 SAPLKO71 Actual settmt: prodn cost collector KK88 SAPLKO71 Actual Settlement: Cost Objects KK89 SAPLKO71 Actual Settlement: Cost Objects KK95 SAPMKES1 COC Create Planning Layout Stat. Line Item Settlement KOB6 RKAEP000 Orders: Settlement Line Items KOB7 RKAEP000 Orders: Line Item Settlement Retire KOB8 RKAEP000 Orders: WIP/Results Anal. Data KO1ECP RECP_OPA Internal Orders: Easy Cost Planning KO12 SAPMKBUD Change Order Plan (Overall; Year) KO12N R_OPA_PLN_PP_DIOverall Planning for Orders: Change KO13 SAPMKBUD Display Order Plan (Overall; Year) KO13N R_OPA_PLN_PP_DIOverall Planning for Orders: Displa KO14 SAPMKPT4 Copy Planing for Internal Orders KO14N R_OPA_PLN_PP_DISet planner profile KO15 SAPMKPT4 Copy Actual Int. Key Figure Plan Data KPPS SAPLKWTP Allocation Templ. guided dynamic inventory count LM59 RXDCC001 User initiated dynamic invent. count LM61 RLEMOBGRGIDEL Goods Issue by Delivery LM62 RLEMOBGRGIMSA Goods Issue by MS area LM63 RLEMOBGRGISHP Goods Issue by Shipment LM64 RLEMOBGRGIALL Goods Issue by ALL LM65 RLEMOBGRGIGRP Goods Issue by Group LM66 RLEMOBGRGIHU Goods Issue by HU LM71 RLEMOBGRGIDEL Goods Receipt by Delivery LM72 RLEMOBGRGIMSA Goods Receipt by MS area LM73 RLEMOBGRGISHP Goods Receipt by Shipment LM74 RLEMOBGRGIALL Goods Receipt by ALL LM76 RLEMOBGRGIHU Goods Receipt by HU LM77 RLQUEUE Queue Assignment LM80 RLMOBSER Serial number capture LNRMS SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: TRM_MSGSE LNRRQ SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: TRM_REQES LNRRS SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: TRM_RSRC LNRTK SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: TRM_TASK LN01 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Transfer Requirem LN02 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Transfer Orders LN03 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Quants LN04 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Posting Changes LN05 SAPMSNUM Number ranges physical inventory LN06 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Group Number LN07 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for WM Communic. LN08 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: LVS_LENUM LOCA SAPLBUS_LOCATORLocator Demo LPIN SAPLLCPP Info: Material Stock WM-PP LPINW SAPLLCPP Info Transaction (IAC) LPK1 SAPMMPKR Create Control Cycle for WM LPK2 SAPMMPKR Change Control Cycle for WM LPK3 SAPMMPKR Display Control Cycle for WM LPK4 RLWMPPC6 Create Contr. Planning for Fixed Bins LP24 RLLNACH4 WM Replenishment for Random Whse LQ01 RLLQ0100 Transfer Posting in Invent. Mgmt LRF1 SAPLLRFMON RF Monitor; Active LRF2 SAPLLRFMON RF Monitor; Passive LROUT RTRM_LROUT Creation or adjustement of routes LRSW RTRM_RES_MAINT Resource element maintenance wizar LSMW /SAPDMC/SAPMLSMLegacy System Migration Workbench LS01 SAPML01S Create Warehouse Master Record LS01N SAPML01S Create Warehouse Master Record LS02 SAPML01S Change Warehouse Master Record LS02N SAPML01S Change Warehouse Master Record LS03 SAPML01S Display Warehouse Master Record LS03N SAPML01S Display Warehouse Master Record LS04 SAPML01S Display Empty Storage Bins LS05 SAPML01S Generate Storage Bins LS06 RLLS0600 Block Storage Bins LS07 RLLS0700 Block Quants LS08 RLLS0800 Block Storage Bins by Aisle LS09 RLMS0010 Display Material Data for Stor. LS22 SAPML01S Change Quants LS23 SAPML01S Display Quants LS24 SAPML01S Display Quants for Material LS25 SAPML01S Display Quants per Storage Bin LS26 SAPML01S Warehouse stocks per material LS27 SAPML01S Display quants for storage unit LS28 SAPML01S Display storage units / bin LS32 SAPML01S Change storage unit LS33 SAPML01S Display storage unit LS41 RLLS4100 List of control cycles for WIP loc.

A side-by-side deployment is possible but not recommended.

More support for: IBM Business Process Manager Advanced Upgrade Software version: 8.5,,, 8.5.5, 8.5.6, 8.5.7. Consult the PAM to make sure you have the supported platforms for the different components in BI4.0Steps: Once you have BI4.0 installed, you are ready to begin preparations for running the upgrade management tool.The upgrade management tool is a new tool in BI4.0 that allows you to upgrade your BI content from XIR3.x and XIR2SP2 environments.After completing the preparations, you can run the upgrade management tool.Perform the following tasks in your existing XI3.x, XIR2SP2 deployment: In a complete upgrade, all the Business Intelligence content is upgraded from the source deployment to the destination deployment.

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