Problem after updating to ios 7

Apple on Tuesday released the latest version of its mobile software, i OS 10.The problem is some users -- including me -- had issues downloading the update.Resetting these settings flushes caches and clears DHCP settings and other networking related info.To reset network settings, open the Settings app and navigate to Settings Often times, if your ISPs DNS servers are having problems, you can switch to Google DNS or Open DNS.After going through the download and install process over Wi-Fi, the i Phone showed an error window and indicated you needed to plug it into i Tunes on your computer.Connecting it to the computer brought up another error window that said, "There is a problem with the i Phone 'i Phone' that requires it to be updated or restored." The message indicated you might have been able to fix the problem by updating your phone, but if the update didn't work, you might have had to restore your phone to factory settings, which erases all content and settings.And now, some i OS 10 users have noticed problems with wifi connectivity since the upgrade.

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However the move to i OS 10 has not been plain-sailing for everyone.Read next: i OS 10 tips | How to downgrade from i OS 10 to i OS 9 | i OS 11 rumours: release date and features This may be too late, but just in case it's not: before you make any kind of i OS update you should back up your devices.Things can and do go wrong when installing a new version of i OS, and the fact that things have always gone smoothly in the past is no reason to assume they will this time. Read more: How to back up an i Phone or i Pad This was a… Plug your device into a Mac or PC, and open i Tunes.Apple recommended users update i Tunes on their computers to the newest version, 12.5.1, and then update the i Phone by plugging it into the computer."We experienced a brief issue with the software update process, affecting a small number of users during the first hour of availability," Apple said in a statement.

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