Intimidating shout focus macro

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That’s where this guide comes in; in it, you’ll find a rundown on the various races, a huge amount of info on the various classes, tips for solo, PVE, and PVP play, a short guide to setting up your own macros, as well as descriptions of all of the professions and secondary skills that you’ll have available to you.Double time too, works very well, allowing you to charge more CC, and paired with blitz / shockwave can shut down entire teams.30.Second Wind The Disrupting shout nerf has made it redundant, since it now shares a CD with pummel.This macro can also be great for pummeling unsuspecting healers that think you're not going to pummel them because you're bladestorming.last updated: Feb 9, 17 This macro allows you swap between shockwave and storm bolt without having to drag the ability onto your bar.

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