Gemini dating a pisces

Gemini is famous for being open-minded, curious and liberal.

Pisces on the other hand, is known for being emotionally authentic and emotionally aware. Put these two together and you might have the potential for really great friendship and great relationship compatibility.

Want to catch the attention of that dreamy Pisces partner of yours? Avail our Love Ask 3 Questions service to get the key to the world of your Pisces partner and catch his or her attention. What he loves today he may not love tomorrow and it is this negative trait which damages the compatibility.

Compatibility of Gemini Man and Pisces Woman The love match of Gemini man and Pisces woman cannot be called as the perfect one. A Piscean woman cherishes someone who cares for her, loves and protects her while the Gemini man has nothing called emotional bonding in his dictionary.

Gemini-Pisces Compatibility The thing which powers the compatibility of this relationship is their resilience. They have a get set go attitude towards adjustments.

This love match can sweep out compatibility problems if Geminian learns to be sensitive and Piscean thinks practically.

This relationship is all about flexibility and connection.

On a positive side Pisces woman can use her persuasion power to set things right. Enhance your love equation with your partner by carefully matching your characteristics with your partner and forge your bond by laying a foundation of perfect understanding between you two.Pisces has the gift of intuitive empathy; they connect very well with others on a rather subtle emotional level, and their dreamy nature makes them quite open-minded — in short, Pisces expects the unexpected.Gemini is open-minded as well; mentally both agile and flexible, the Twins are gifted at seeing all sides of an issue and at communicating with other people.In my experience when it comes to there is usually a situation where both partners fully support each other and nurture and encourage each other.These are the best relationships between these two signs.

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