Ganguro dating sim

Or select the password (we made it selectable) and copy it to note pad or something like it.

If you find any bugs let me know so I can fix them as soon as possible Update 10/22 Hangman game from hell bug fixed - Passwords work double check the password when given.

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I binge played it with my cousins when I was little and I had Ganguro competitions in high school with (- hahah, yep, your secret is out! Movies & TV" data-super-img=" data-super-width="505" data-super-height="834" data-super-transparent="false"I like canon pairings as much as non-canon pairings as long as they make some kind of sense. But this, I really wanted it to look good and to finish it and not just discard it half way through. It's addicting x DI mean, all the blinking and everything! THAAANKS I don't think anyone would think you took it seriously x D? The Japanese believe they can tell a lot of things from your blood type as well....

Gotta buy it if you want all 3 girls ^^- I can't get enough of the intro music x D!! I actually wanted to make it a interactive "mini game" (wouldn't really add any more frames), but decided against it - at least for now. Wouldn't want anyone to think I was taking it seriously.

This game is a gift to all of the fans of “Sim Girl? We where big fans of the dating sim but when we found out that it was “dead?

Eare crew thought that it was a untimely demise to such a innovative game, and it had the potential of being something greater than it already was.

So we started working on this spin off by incorporating the things that we where currently working on putting into our sim game (that we where working on at the time), and used some of the tried and true concepts that where done in Sim girl. The dating sims games featured on our website are for both genders.There are dating sims for girls and dating sims for guys.We are quite happy with what we came up with, hopefully you will think so as well. We have a deluxe version available at with more girls and “endings? - New paddle ball game options - annoying phone ring "disconnected" - faster sleep time - Back button for delux info page - Easier to read passwords It took my 40 DAYS!

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