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The most accepted but not the most compelling date is around the time of Domitian (A. 95-96), at the end of the first century when John would have been nearly 100 years old.

The evidence for this conclusion is found within the pages of Scripture. He weighs all the arguments."A Thorough study of the primary sources and secondary literature (of all complexions), and demolition of some bad but often repeated arguments for a Domitian date. Gentry has done an impressive job of collecting evidence to support his views.

The Bible itself tells us when the Book of Revelation was written. He makes a strong case for the early external evidence, including that of Irenaeus." "I fear that too many scholars have dismissed the work because of Gentrys self-confessed fundamentalism. I think that Gentry's book has the most thorough treatment of the external evidence available. The book is well researched and cogently presented. Gentry convincingly demonstrates the fact the Book of Revelation was written, as it in so many ways declares, prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A. It should receive a wide reading and ought to rattle many windows." "A thorough and outstanding statement of the case for the early date of Revelation.

We do not have to depend on people who wrote a hundred years or more after the fact to get the accurate story. Gentry's work on the external evidence is particularly valuable." "Though Gentry and I may be poles apart theologically . He has given late-date advocates a challenge for further study." "Here is a book some of us have been awaiting for years! The book makes one aware of the evidence from within the book, from early church sources, and surveys the arguments of New Testament scholars of this century and previous centuries concerning the question.

Revelation is not about the end of THE age but the end of AN age, the Age of Judaism.

This is a half truth, and, following the advice of Paul, discernment is required.

He has authored numerous books including, Before Jerusalem Fell, Perilous Times, He Shall Have Dominion, God Gave Wine, and The Greatness of the Great Commission.

He has contributed to several debate books including, The Great Tribulation: Past or Future? by Marvin Pate, and Three Views on the End of History, ed. A very clinical book dealing with the date of the writing of the book of Revelation. Gentry- a Preterist who believes the entire book of Revelation was fulfilled at the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD- gives a very matter-of-a-fact account of his belief in the idea that the book was written by the Disciple John during Nero's reign. Gentry gives a complete treatment to the subject, but it is a dry read. The Revelation was a book of warning that added to the Olivet Discourse by Jesus in Matt.

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Preterists tend to assume that Preterism and Replacement Theology are mutually inclusive.Traditionally, the book of Revelation has been dated near the end of the first century, around A. James Orr has observed, however, that recent criticism has reverted to the traditional date of near A. In view of some of the bizarre theories that have surfaced in recent times (e.g., the notion that all end-time prophecies were fulfilled with the fall of Jerusalem in A. 70), which are dependent upon the preterist interpretation, we offer the following. 180), a student of Polycarp (who was a disciple of the apostle John), wrote that the apocalyptic vision “was seen not very long ago, almost in our own generation, at the close of the reign of Domitian” (Against Heresies 30). 155-215) says that John returned from the isle of Patmos “after the tyrant was dead” (.23). Some writers, however, have advanced the preterist (from a Latin word meaning “that which is past”) view, contending that the Apocalypse was penned around A. 68 or 69, and thus the thrust of the book is supposed to relate to the impending destruction of Jerusalem (A. Wallace Jr.), and for a brief time it was popular with certain scholars. In fact, the evidence for the later date is extremely strong.Lea (Criswell Theological Review)"Excellent work in forcing reconsideration of the date when the Book of Revelation was written." -- R. Sproul (The Last Days According to Jesus)"I have encountered not treatment of the dating of Revelation more thorough than his dissertation on the subject." -- Steve Gregg (Revelation: Four Views: A Parallel Commentary)"That the list of kings begins with Julius Caesar and Nero is the sixth has been argued in throrough manner." -- Gregory K.Beale (Revelation: New International Greek Testament Commentary) Kenneth L. D., is Chancellor and Research Professor in Theology at Christ College, Lynchburg, Virginia.

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